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Our Mission

Put simply, our mission is to develop and offer you the best possible compression gear on the market. Uniquely designed for people who prefer hypoallergenic, natural cotton to itchy synthetic materials, our compression garments are the solution to your search for comfy, attractive compression technology.

Our Vision

People should never have to choose between comfort and style, and they certainly shouldn’t have to settle for less. Our vision is to spread the word about SocksLane compression products because we firmly believe they are the best on the market.

SocksLane - Cotton Compression Socks

All Began With a Simple Idea

Amanda Dixon started her career working for a large corporation, however, after a few years she realized that she needed more passion and fulfillment from her life.

The opportunity to pursue her own adventure in business came when she developed hypersensitivity to the synthetic compression socks she was wearing to offset her tired, achy legs.

Things just got worse during her first pregnancy when she really needed to wear them to prevent swellings and varicose veins and, much to her dismay, she found out that a good pair of hypoallergenic compression stockings could cost a small fortune.

What Amanda wanted was a pair of compression socks that supported her legs, looked great on and were comfortable to wear for hours at a time.

So she decided to take things into her own hands. With the help of her husband Dave, she would go on and create a high-quality cotton compression sock that was hypoallergenic, comfortable, effective and affordable. A true alternative to overpriced medical stockings, itchy scratchy nylon and flimsy ineffective cheap hoses.

The Solution

Amanda realized that she could help thousands of other women by launching her own compression socks brand. One that focused on comfort, style, and results. One that prevents varicose veins, tired muscles, and improves blood circulation to the lower legs.

In 2015, her search for the perfect manufacturer was finally over, she and Dave found one that was ready to take on the challenge and, after months of sampling and testing, they were able to develop a wholly unique compression sock that finally met all her criteria. The quality, look, style, and feel were perfect.

SocksLane Cotton Compressions Socks were born.

SocksLane’s Values:

Upon creating a superior Support Stocking, Amanda and Dave set the groundwork for how they do business.

The company is built on small business values such as integrity, customer care, and honesty. Products in their selection are designed to solve real problems and provide true value to the people using them.

Their philosophy is simple, customer service and attention to detail are non-negotiable, and each customer is a member of their family—they deserve a fast, friendly, and helpful customer care and Amanda and Dave go out of their way to make sure their customers are happy.

Amanda and Dave aren’t just business owners offering another product. They have worked hard to create their compression socks that meet and exceed their customers' expectations. The result is quality merchandise they’re proud to put their name behind.

Why Shop at SocksLane?

If you don’t want to waste any more money on compression socks and products that don’t work, then we warmly invite you to shop at SocksLane.

Amanda and Dave lead a team of passionate people whose sole focus is to provide a superior product that lives up to the hype. We have happily helped thousands of women finally find the perfect compression socks, now it’s your turn.

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