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Cotton Compression Socks for Women and Men

Graduated Stockings for Travel, Flight, Pregnancy, Nurses, Maternity, Varicose Veins, Calf Support. 15-20 mmHg Airplane Traveling Hose. Knee High 1 Pair

Colors available: Black, Black Stripes (Wide Calves), Nude, Pure White, Brown, Charcoal Gray, Circular Stripe Black, Color dots, Gray Stripes, Navy Blue, 

from $22.35

natural compression socks cotton

Natural Combed Cotton: Feel the difference in your comfort!​

Are you using your compression socks for calf and leg support?

Do you suffer from  edema, plantar facilities, shin splints, or varicose veins?

Do you want to reduce the risks of DVT, boost your energy levels, and eliminate inflammation throughout your leg muscles?

SocksLane compression socks can banish that tired, aching, and swollen feeling - fast!

stylish organic cotton compression socks

At SocksLane, we put your health first. Our medical-grade compression socks are designed with 65% combed cotton and high-quality anti-allergy fibers. The exclusive composition works to drastically decrease the risk of skin irritations, leading to a more comfortable compression sock that you can wear all day long. Whether you're running around a busy hospital, sitting at a desk or traveling.

Because combed cotton is naturally fresh and breathable, you can wear your SocksLane compression socks for as long as you like, minimizing the risk of allergies, rashes, and discomfort.

Why Choose SocksLane Compression Socks?

Medical-Grade Graduated 15/20mmHg Compression: Improves peripheral blood flow and oxygenation to speed up recovery and banish fatigue

Durable and comfortable: Ultra-soft reinforced sole, heel and toe areas, combined with an extra-large cuff creates a compression sock that stays up and won't roll down your calf.

Graduated Support: Our highly versatile and stretchy material uses a precise pattern to move compression throughout the leg, placing pressure where you need it most.

safe and comfortable compression socks

Suitable for: Women and men of all ages, nurses, people standing or sitting long hours, sports, tired or swollen legs, edema varicose veins, pregnancy, travel (to prevent DVT a.k.a. Economy Class Syndrome), sports and athletics, everyday life and work.

Fashionable: Our use of trendy colors and patterns, means that no one needs to know you're using medical-grade hosiery

Superior Quality: At SocksLane we put our customers first. We use only the best raw materials and technology available and we test all our products ourselves to make sure they live up to our high standards.

Try SocksLane, you will feel the difference!

eco-friendly compression socks
best running compression socks cotton
sport organic compression socks

How to Choose, Wear and Care for your SocksLane Cotton Compression Socks

How to pick the perfect size

Please refer to the size chart in the image section at the top of the page, for non-standard sizes use calf and ankle measurements.

How to put your compression socks on

Our cotton compression socks are easy to put on, watch the video below in the "Related Video Shorts" section to learn the easiest way to wear your compression socks (available in Spanish too).

Washing and Drying 

● Daily washing is ideal, but try to wash them at least every two days
● Use standard gentle detergent without additives
● Never use softener, conditioners or bleach
● Rinse with plenty of cold water
● Handwashing in lukewarm water is best and will increase you socks lifespan.
● You can use a machine provided that you set it on a gentle cycle at low temperature
● Hang out loosely to air dry
● Never try to dry your socks with a hairdryer, a microwave oven or on a radiator as the heat will damage the fibers

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