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7 Signs that Your Body Needs Your Attention ASAP

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Our body is a complicated well-oiled machine. A lot of things happen at the same time, and there are certain signs our body gives us that we should not ignore. If we do not look into them and ignore them, they can lead to certain health issues.

So, you better look out for these signs if you have them and make sure to address them ASAP.

1. Leg Cramps, Irritability, Insomnia

You lack potassium and magnesium if you have these signs altogether. You might just have one sign but if all three are present then you better think twice already. What you need to do is load up on your magnesium and potassium intake and replenish with tomatoes, bananas, oranges and make sure to add them in your daily diet.

You will notice a change of attitude after 2 weeks or so. You will be able to sleep better. A bonus tip here is that you might want to take chamomile tea before sleeping to relax so that sleep comes to you easier.

2. Dry Skin

We all know that dry skin is a sign of lack of vitamin E. Lacking vitamin E makes the skin dry. Even if you use lotion or skin moisturizer, it is just a temporary solution. You have to know that moisturized skin starts from within therefore you should eat a lot more greens. Add vegetables, oil, nuts, and fish to your usual diet. Do not go overboard with this type of diet though as you do not want pimples appearing on your face like a teenager.

3. Sweet Cravings

We all have a sweet tooth. But if suddenly out of nowhere you have a strong desire for something sweet, there might be something the cravings aside from just wanting actually dessert. The real cause might be lack of glucose. What you need to do is oblige yourself of your sweet cravings. But be mindful of what you take in. Eat dark chocolate or honey.

4. Wanting to eat Ice

Guess what, wanting to eat ice is a sign that your body lacks iron. You might have anemia or iron deficiency. The best food source includes beef and eggs. If this is a usual occurrence though it is best that you consult a doctor ASAP.

5. Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums can just be because of too much brushing of your teeth. But constant bleeding of the gums is a sign of vitamin C deficiency. Include citrus fruits in your meal. Spinach, bell peppers, red and green, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli are a great addition to your meal to load up on vitamin C.

6. Fragile nails and falling hair

Fragile nails and brittle hair is lack of vitamin B. No conditioner or shampoo can cure falling hair is you lack vitamin B in your system. What you need to do is to drink milk, or drink more milk if you are already a regular milk drinker. You also might want to eat some nori seaweeds and mushroom.

7. Rings inside the irises

The eyes are the window to your soul. But the eyes are also a window to know your cholesterol levels. Rings may appear in irises of older people and it is normal. But for younger people, rings inside the irises are not normal. First thing you need to do is consult a doctor. Second, you have to cut on your cholesterol intake.

So, if you want to keep yourself healthy or want to make yourself healthy again, try to look for these signs and address them ASAP.



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