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Cotton Compression Socks Reviewed: Why Are They Better Than All Other Types of Socks

There are tons of compression socks available on Amazon at every price point but with the countless offers available, how to judge their quality, their effectiveness, or their comfort? Very difficult indeed, but you can follow some simple guidelines to reduce the guesswork. First on the list are the multipacks.

It is a race to the bottom, with more and more sellers offering more and more pairs for a low price. Here the choice is simple, just ask yourself: do I need compression socks or not? If you do, you should stay away from these cheap and flimsy synthetic socks that offer very little support if any. As my mother used to say: often you get what you pay for! And this is definitely the case. Then you have the sporty, over-hyped compression socks

You recognize them because of the images that promise Superman-like performances at just about anything you do, be it a marathon or watching your favorite soap opera. In this category, some of them are good, especially if you can bear the flashy colors and big printed brands on a pair of nylon stockings. (I’d like to see my grandmother wearing a pair of those… 🙂 And then you have some expensive compression socks.

A few brands stand out if you know how to find them. They sell quality products that look good and are comfortable without all the hype. These socks usually contain a high percentage of quality cotton or wool, and their construction is different: more sturdy, knitted cuffs and just better finished. For a good pair of compression socks made with a high percentage of natural fibers, the prices range in the region of $30 or more.

Expensive! You may say, but are they?

A pair of high-end compression socks will do what it is supposed to do, which is compress and support the tissues in your lower legs enhancing blood flow, reducing fatigue, and lessening or preventing varicose veins. And they will do so day in and day out for a pretty long time. Also, consider that with just 2 pairs you can take proper care of your legs every day for much longer than all the socks in 2 multipacks will ever do.

Do you Need Compression Socks?

There are practically 2 reasons why you need compression socks:

1. Doctor prescription

2. Comfort!!!

Unless the doctor prescribes you to wear cotton compression socks, then you really need to buy at least a pair for comfort. You can use them daily especially if your job requires you to stand for long periods. You can wear them when you have long flights to avoid leg fatigue and heaviness. They can be used for all other reasons but the bottom line they should provide you with maximum comfort.

Dr. Kenneth Harper, a vein specialist who has been treating DVT for 2 decades prescribes compression socks for people in need. People who have varicose veins and lymphodema need compression socks to improve overall leg health.

Compression socks are not for your grandma anymore!

Why are COTTON Compression Socks the Better Option?

Out of the thousands of brands available on, the one that offers by far the best value for money for a high-quality pair of Cotton Compression Socks is SocksLane. Priced under $25 SocksLane’s products are seriously the best deal you can get when it comes to high-end compression socks. These are top-rated cotton compression socks that are hypoallergenic, comfortable, effective and affordable. And they look good too! The company over-delivers too in terms of customer support, extended product guarantees and a personal touch that only a small business can provide. So, what makes SocksLane’s cotton compression socks stand out?

SocksLane’s products are designed to solve real problems and provide true value to the people using them. Amanda and Dave, the company’s owners, have worked hard to create their compression socks that meet and exceed their customers’ expectations. The result is quality merchandise they’re proud to put their name behind. Amanda and Dave lead a team of passionate people whose sole focus is to provide a superior product that lives up to their high standard.


The company is built on small business values such as integrity, customer care, and honesty. Their philosophy is simple, customer service and attention to detail are non-negotiable, and each customer is a member of their family—they deserve a fast, friendly, and helpful customer care and the whole team go out of their way to make sure their customers are happy.

Choose Cotton Compression socks. The cotton blend makes them naturally more comfortable and anti-allergic and, even if they may cost slightly more, they offer better value for money as they last and hold their compression level much longer than cheap ones. SocksLane Cotton compression socks are specifically designed to have the greatest level of comfort, last a long time and prevent the risks of skin reaction. Look at the customer reviews here and judge for yourself. SocksLane products also come with Free shipping, an extended 60 days “No Question Asked” manufacturer’s guarantee and Top-notch Customer Care SocksLane’s Women Cotton Compression Socks are for sale on Amazon.

More Benefits…

The benefits of compression socks are multiple. They can help you feel more energy in your legs, soothe conditions ranging from mild edema to spider and varicose veins as well as preventing cramps, fatigue or DVT (Deep Veins Thrombosis). If you are suffering from any of these complaints, then you need compression socks. These socks squeeze the tissues and muscles in the legs more firmly than the regular ones and the compression effectively prevents the blood from clotting so that it can easily flow back to the heart. However, unlike regular socks, compression stockings require special handling. This is especially true in the way that you put them on.

How To Put On Your SocksLane Compression Socks.

Easy way is this: Watch this video.

Regular socks can just be pulled over the feet in one go and that’s it. But for compression socks, you have to take specific, precise steps. “Heel Pocket method”

The easiest technique to so is the “Heel Pocket method” To use this technique the first step is to pull a compression sock over one hand until the heel of the sock is right over the heel of the hand.

The second step is to turn the sock leg over by peeling it off of your hand up to the heel. The next step is to put the sock on your foot and, once the sole of your foot is aligned with the sole of the foot, slowly pull the sock’s leg up. The final touch is to spread it evenly over the leg up to about 1 inch below the knee. And that’s it! You just learned the easiest way to wear your compression socks.


Follow the link to SocksLane’s Amazon Store Page to choose color and size, your 10% OFF Coupon will be automatically applied a checkout. The discount is valid for 1 order only, but you can add to cart as many pairs as you wish.

If you don’t want to waste any more money on compression socks and products that don’t work, then we warmly invite you to check out their Cotton Compression Socks here. Still not convinced? Read the reviews on here and judge for yourself, they are all from real people just like you.



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