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  • Jennifer Scott

How Life Has Changed During the Pandemic

A couple of years ago, most of us never would have anticipated that we would be dealing with a pandemic like COVID-19. In addition to a fear of sickness, the pandemic also brought many life changes that we were not expecting that have both helped and hindered our lives. The point is understanding how to properly adjust. Here at SocksLane Compression, we have been there with you during the pandemic, keeping your feet warm through the coldest days. We also have some thoughts about the changes during the last year, and we are here to provide some guidance.

The Pandemic Changed How We Work

While it used to be that you could never find a job that allowed you to work from home, after the pandemic, more people are working remotely than ever. The good news is that many companies are noticing the benefits of a remote workforce such as lower utility bills and a wider net for finding new applicants, so this arrangement may be here to say.

This is a good thing for many people because folks can save money on gas and avoid buying new outfits, and the best part is the ability to enjoy more of a work/life balance. This ability to both work and spend time with family is great and allows us to not get so obsessed with our jobs.

However, if you live alone, then this remote work arrangement can leave you feeling isolated and alone. To fight these feelings, talk to your coworkers when necessary, and if you need additional help, speak to a mental health expert. A professional therapist or medical provider can prescribe pills and support. They might also recommend joining a clinical trial where you can learn about additional solutions.

Staying Fit Becomes a Bit More Complicated

The pandemic was very jarring for our everyday way of life, especially regarding how we take care of our bodies and our overall health. For starters, when social distancing prohibited us from eating in restaurants, many of us resorted to fast food which is full of harmful trans-fats. If you are still eating that way, you need to change your habits. A healthier diet consists of protein and plenty of nuts, especially almonds.

Most of us probably don’t exercise as much as we should, and the pandemic didn’t help, especially for those who count on the ability to go to the gym to shed pounds. While gyms are starting to open, you don’t need to go to an establishment to get the necessary exercise. Instead, you can run outside, play sports, go on a nature hike and just get fresh air to feel better and be healthier overall.

Changed How We Think About Health

A major change that we experienced is how we think about staying healthy and avoiding sickness during our everyday lives. Now, we know how easy it is to get COVID-19 or any type of flu or sickness just by touching an infected surface or being near someone who does not cover their mouth when they sneeze.

Much of this sickness comes from the fact that many of us do not wash or sanitize our hands as often as we should. This needs to change now. It is essential to make it a habit of washing our hands every time after we eat or touch a commonly used item like a salt shaker in a public place. Even after COVID-19 has passed, following this basic rule will keep you and your family healthy.

While the pandemic has turned our lives upside down, there are lessons to take away from the past couple of years. Follow the guidance we have provided and you will live a happier and healthier life. We would be happy to help however we can. If you ever have questions about our comforting socks or our other great products, contact SocksLane at the form here.

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