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SocksLane Compression Knee Sleeve Offers 5 Benefits for Your Aching Knee


Compression is a term that is used to refer to the way that certain fabrics and combinations of materials create a super-snug, tight fit on the body. This is used in various types of garments, from tops to knee sleeves to full socks to elbow sleeves. Actually, compression has been in use in different garments for quite some time -- doctors used to specifically prescribe these for older patients because of a number of benefits. These days, of course, compression attire is popular across many age groups for many reasons.


It can be. Compression can be quite good for you, especially if you suffer from DVT or deep vein thrombosis. If that sounds farfetched, consider that a nickname for DVT is "economy class syndrome" -- so coined because of the long periods of sitting in one position that can lead to blood pooling in the veins in the legs.

People with varicose veins usually also give compression attire a try -- it won't reverse the trend, but the benefits of compression wear can prevent it from getting worse by setting right the conditions that would otherwise lead to this.

There are misconceptions that compression can cut of your circulation because the garments are so tight, but this is easily avoided by choosing compression of manageable strength (the garments generally have variable compression strength). They don't cause blood clots either, and can in fact help you avoid DVT-caused blood clots.


As noted, compression garments generally help prevent the effects of improper or slowed blood flow in the veins. These can be worn by people who normally have to face conditions that would lead to such a problem, whether it manifests as DVT or varicose veins or leg fatigue or other, more serious symptoms. This includes people who go on long drives or flights where they cannot move their legs much, or people who stand for long periods, as long periods of leg inactivity can cause difficulty in keeping the blood circulating effectively to oxygenate the cells in the area. Athletes also generally appreciate the support and comfort benefits of compression sleeves.

Knee sleeves, in particular, can be quite helpful for them and for other users, since the compression is centered around a particularly high-stress part of the body -- the knee joint. We commonly take our knees and all their work for granted, but there's a lot that they do in a day, and a lot of strain that they can be subjected to if we don't care for them well with such garments and smart choices.



1. COMFORT AND EASE. Good compression knee sleeves like SocksLane's are typically designed with the idea of providing adequate support for the joint and the muscles, tendons, and ligaments involved in keeping it functioning properly. SocksLane has a unisex compression knee sleeve that stays in place without ever rolling or sliding all day long, despite whatever activity you put your legs and knees through.

2. RELIEF AND PROTECTION. An effective compression knee sleeve can help stave off the effects of trauma and strain that can result from repetitive and demanding activity, such as working out, running, CrossFit, playing tennis, biking, and so on, including the less-demanding but leg-straining tasks of sitting or standing for long periods. SocksLane's compression knee sleeves can help prevent further inflammation, and can help relieve existing inflammation and accompanying pain from an injury or from strain. The strength and comfort of these compression knee sleeves can help relieve the strain that the muscles and joints have been put through.

3. NATURALLY ANTI-ALLERGIC MATERIAL. Synthetic materials can be convenient for other manufacturers to make knee sleeves with, but they can be itchy and irritating and possibly even allergy-triggering for some skin types. The SocksLane compression knee sleeve is made with natural cotton and with anti-allergic fibers like Spandex and Lycra, which are extremely comfortable and easy on the skin compared to other brands' synthetic fabrics that might react poorly with your skin. Remember, you'll be wearing these directly on your skin, sometimes even under other garments, so the comfort level of the material is a crucial consideration.

4. GOOD FOR ANYONE WHO NEEDS IT. The supportive SocksLane knee sleeves are well-suited to users of various age groups, from all walks of life -- long-traveling grandparents can wear them just like their athletic grandkids do.

5. EXCELLENT WORD OF MOUTH. SocksLane enjoys an extremely high reorder rate for a reason, and patrons aren't shy about dropping good to great reviews for their compression knee sleeves. The company has spent the last year or so rolling out new offerings demanded by their passionate and satisfied customer base, expanding and offering signature comfort and support to more and more users.


Do consider wearing compression knee sleeves the next time you go on a hike or play basketball, especially if you have pain in the knees. This might just be the best thing for you.



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